OCPA Membership Application

Membership benefits include access to OCPA mailing list, Bulletin, Colloquiums and other OCPA activities. New members are currently offered a free 1-year membership. Life time membership is currently on a 50% discount, which is $150. Please ensure the information is precise and up to date. All new applications will be reviewed before approval and activation. Membership eligibility: we welcome students and researchers who work in academic, research, and industrial institutes and support the work of physicists and astronomers of Chinese heritage.
Subfield Description
AS Astrophysics & Gravitation
AT Atomic/Molecular/Optical
BI Biological Physics
BP Beam Physics
CH Chemical Physics
CM Condensed Matter Physics
CP Computational Science
FL Fluid physics
HE High-energy Physics
IP Interdisciplinary Sciences
MA Mathematical Physics
ME Medical Physics
NP Nuclear Physics
OT Other
PAL Physicists at Large (industry, business, etc.)
PL Plasma Physics
QI Quantum Information
SE Science Education
SP Space Physics
TH Theoretical physics