2021 OCPA Leadership Announcement

Dear colleagues and OCPA members:

At the moment to celebrate the Chinese New Year, it is also the time for the OCPA to have a transition to a new leadership team as usual for every two years. I am very proud to announce the key team leaders below, immediately effective after this announcement.

  • President:  Prof. Cheng Chin, University of Chicago
  • Vice President: Prof. Bao Lei, The Ohio State University
  • Secretary: Prof. W. Vincent Liu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Treasurer: Prof. Albert M. Chang, Duke University

In the past two years, we have probably experienced the most difficult time, due to both natural disasters and political uncertainties. The tend has recently been changing and with vaccines and the new US President, we are all looking forward to a better future!

Please protect yourselves and we will see each other soon.

Best regards,

Dongping Zhong

President, OCPA (2019-2020)
Robert Smith Professor of Physics, Dept. of Physics
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Ohio State University
Tel: 614-292-3044 (O); 614-323-8667 (C)
Web: http://www.physics.ohio-state/~dongping/

OCPA Website: http://ocpaweb.org/home/

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Lei Bao   2021-2-9 15:54:42